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Sound mod??? How to???
07-26-2006, 05:42 AM,
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Sound mod??? How to???
Hi, im trying to mod the engine sound of my xsara. I know that i can open the .eng files with a sound editor as .raw files and edit them. And im trying for some time now but i don't get any good result. The game somehow plays the sound different as you hear it in the editor. I now that it is slower, and i made the necesary ajustmens for that, but i think there is a EQ ingame which transforms my sound completly.
Does anybody know something about this?
Is there maybe an utility to build the .eng files?
How do i have to edit the sound so that ingame it sounds realistic?
Any info would be great.

Thanks in advance.
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07-26-2006, 03:43 PM,
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Sound mod??? How to???
man tell u what why u dnt just try editin the Vp_carname.Vehaudio inside the tunes folder and theres all kinds of sound adjustment u might put it to a bit higher number like change the max volume and stuff in there
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07-29-2006, 12:24 AM,
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Sound mod??? How to???
There are several sound mods out there but IMHO they don't sound any more realistic than the default RBR engine sounds. To change the sounds, open up audio.ini (RBR root folder) and there are directions in there how to change the engine sounds. There is an EQ for the sounds and you change/enable it through audio.ini (this is for the patched RBR version)
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08-01-2006, 05:03 PM,
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Sound mod??? How to???
Hi Felix-Nfxs.. and Guybo :mrgreen:

We are a couple of guys that have tried everything posible to change the sounds in RBR, and the hole technical stuff of how to! is very annoing. and as Mr. Guybo said.. there are none! Total realistick rally sound mod for RBR, but there is several attempts to make it so.. and some of them gives a more action feel to it, But that is mustly because of a high gained eding for the eng files ( the sound/volume has bin overloaded in a sound prg ) to get it more nasty....

Some of the latest uploaded eng-files/sounds for rbr by HDI is queit good actually you should try those ( get on Bhms)


I Know that MR:Black_f is coming soon with a new editor tool for RbR Engine sound eding.. iT will be apart of the new mod 2002 for RbR, well thats what i think it will.. :o)

Gl with it Nfxs..

ps.. If we aonly could find/get some recorded rally car engines sounds done with a outside microphone and not overloaded.. we might have a chance of getting the speciel touch of the realistick rally sounds, because that is what all the sounds are missing..

I have 2 programs special made for making the engfiles ready for RBR, they are not easy to work with, but if you have allot of patience, then you could succed with it.. If you want them, i will be more then glad to send them to ya.. mail me at dsl173710@vip.cybercity.dk the problem is to create the sounds with all the markers on every little thiny zero crossing point in the sound, before using these programs..

ANYWAYS dude..Cool

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08-05-2006, 12:14 AM,
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Sound mod??? How to???
One thing I have done is to go into audio.ini and turn down all the sounds except the Pop, ExhaustPop, & Bang sounds. This way the bang bang and bottoming out sounds sound a little more realistic.
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